What Clients Say


“Before homeopathy, I was having frequent severe headaches and had joint pain in my knees that caused pain on stairs and hills.  This was limiting my ability to enjoy an active lifestyle with my husband. Recently, a girlfriend of mine had knee replacement surgery and I felt I was headed in that direction a year ago.  

After several months of taking homeopathic remedies, I no longer have severe headaches, and I can now walk up and down hills and stairs without discomfort, as well as kneel and not feel the strain in my knee joint. I feel so very much better.  I can work in my garden without pain and my husband and I are now able to travel more. Sally was easy to work with.  She followed up on a regular basis and was available to answer questions.”

Kathy - Retired Analyst


"I originally came to Sally for help with sleeping, but now I understand the more fundamental benefits of homeopathy.  She prescribed a remedy that has helped me more broadly with my day-to-day life, of which sleep is one component. I'm glad I am working with her."

Mark - Marketing Manager


" The homeopathic remedy Sally prescribed for me changed my life. I was having frequent attacks where for 20 minutes 3-4 times a day I was distracted by seeing auras and blind spots in both eyes. A month after beginning the remedy, the auras and blind spots stopped and I am now free from these attacks. Sally listened carefully, asking questions that lead to a broad and deep response. "

Joy - Spiritual Director