What Clients Say (cont.)


"After years of struggling with organization, procrastination, and anxiety, I am experiencing a presence of mind and purposeful actions in my daily life that I've not known before.  Thanks to the homeopathic services of Sally, I am coming to believe that I am not meant to passively observe and accept a life of failed dreams but rather to fully embrace each day in mind, body and spirit while creating the life of my dreams."

Kathleen - Education Specialist & mother of teenagers

“When I started working with Sally, I took a decongestant daily to prevent painful sinus headaches, had digestive troubles, and frequently had problems falling and staying asleep at night. Homeopathy has helped me get to a point where I am no longer taking a daily decongestant, have rare digestive troubles, and frequently fall asleep quickly and get a good night sleep. Homeopathy has also helped me to feel less anxious, and I was able to resolve night sweats due to menopause within a few days, without hormones or drugs. 

With homeopathy, my health solutions didn’t come as one-size-fits-all medications, aimed at particular symptoms. Rather, my whole person—emotional, physical, intellectual, relational—matters. Sally listened carefully without judgment, took the time to answer my questions, and helped me understand what healing really looks like. With this approach, I feel more empowered and connected both to my own healing and to the world around me.”

Deb - Communications consultant, Yoga teacher, wife & mother of teenage boys